High Rise Buttermilk Biscuits

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Even if you don’t live in a high rise you can still cook biscuits that are. Fun recipes for kids are usually ones hey can be involved in and making a mess is par for the course. You can use salted butter or go unsalted depending on the recipe and your health concerns. Salt is added to many baking recipes so you can cut down on adding extra if the butter already has some. Family friendly meal ideas like this recipe from Jackie make baking a great thing. When given the option of fun recipes for kids or family friendly meal ideas you are covered on both ends with this recipe. In the end whether you use salted butter or unsalted the choice is yours to make. As with every recipe you ever come across always remember the ingredients and spices and the cooking methods are always up to you and you alone. Yes always strive to be as close to the recipe but never feel tied to the exact ingredients and cooking method. You can always bake instead of fry or you can always add less sugar than called for and you can always alter the spices to ones you know your diners love. Make the recipe your friend and companion and with most companions choices are always accepted.

Buttermilk is not a new thing and it has been gracing our recipes and fridge’s for many years now. The main ingredient and the one that is not always as readily used in baking is Buttermilk.Buttermilk is a creamier version of regular milk and its thick and smooth texture can bring out the best in many recipes whether they are of the baking or cooking variety. It is commonly used as the dredging liquid in southern battered chicken and other meats and fish.

Buttermilk and the recipes that include it are usually ones that call for a liquid to be included that will bulk up and intensify the flavor of your recipe. It can be great when used in pancakes becomes of its fluffy texture. Usually when making pancakes you will add baking powder to help your baking endeavors to rise. With buttermilk it is a natural way to help things rise and also allow for a fluffier end product. Consider it as a substitute for some of your baking recipes and you might find your favorite additive you never though of. It is a great drink and can be added to many mixed drinks calling for milk,

Jackie’s recipe adds buttermilk to the baking process and makes these biscuits as delicious as they are. They can be readily made with regular milk but you don’t get the same texture n the end product. Thanks to Jackie of Syrup & Biscuits Blog for this yummy High Rise Buttermilk Biscuits that can be your excellent vehicle to sop up the gravy or sauce from your latest creation or have them on their own with a touch of butter and jam. Bon apetit.**

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