Holiday Butter Pecan Cookies

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Holiday Butter Pecan Cookies Recipe is going to transport you over to instant holiday mood. They’re worth a million praises because these cookies are simply that delicious! Anytime you add pecans to soft sugar cookies recipe; it just elevates the flavor even more. They come freshly baked from the oven with a delicate texture that is so soft, buttery and fluffy and will just melt in your mouth. It’s up to you whether you want to put frosting on them or not but it’s a guarantee that you will love gorging on them anyway. These easy homemade cookies carefully baked just until set and browned around the edges are carefully baked until slightly browned along the sides and the centers are set. These cookies are perfect for the holidays or on just another day with no occasion. They’re also special because the recipe uses just six budget-friendly ingredients to make such a classic cookie recipe. If you plan on gifting cookies during the holidays, this recipe will work perfectly. Pecan nutrition comprises of healthy unsaturated fat that is necessary for our bodies. It is has been proven that eating just a handful of pecans every day can lower “bad” cholesterol. Pecans are also loaded with more than 19 vitamins and minerals that include vitamins A, B, and E, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc.

The best part of this Pecan sugar cookies recipe is that you can pretty much make them the way you prefer. If you want, you can also brown up the butter to add a wonderful nutty aroma to these cookies. Browned butter tastes so much better when you add roasted pecans to the cookie recipe. You can fold lemon or orange zest into the dough to give it a refreshing citrus flavor. You can add cinnamon, coconut flakes, cookie butter, honey, or a hint of almond extract for a slight almond aftertaste. For special events such as kids’ birthday parties, you can add rainbow sprinkles on top add a frosting with marshmallow fluff or even coat them in chocolate to make it look exciting and entertaining. If you like your cookies to be a bit crunchy, you may have to bake them a little longer than 10 minutes and wait until they turn slightly dark golden brown.

An essential baking tip for making the best cookies and cakes is to use the real vanilla extract rather than artificial vanilla flavor. If you can get hold of vanilla beans or vanilla bean paste, that would be even better. Nielsen-Massey or Madagascar is a reliable brand for the best vanilla extract because they do not have notorious additives like corn syrup or sugar. You’ll notice how much of a good contrast a pure vanilla extract adds to desserts. Quality ingredients are always the key to attaining the best flavor in cookies. Make sure to place the dough two inches apart on the baking sheet or a good quality parchment paper before you transfer them to the oven, as the dough tends to expand a tiny bit. You don’t have to refrigerate the dough before baking however if you happen to use warm butter in this recipe you might end up having flatter cookies. To add firmness, you can just pop the dough for about 20 minutes in the fridge.

Thank you to Lisa at Bake Bellissima recipe blog for sharing this delicious Holiday Butter Pecan Cookies Recipe with us. Do visit Lisa’s blog for more delightful easy homemade cookies recipes. This Butter Pecan Cookies recipe is something everyone in the family will enjoy. Make them today!

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