Holiday Surprise Snowball Cookies

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This stuffed snowballs holiday cookie recipe is filled with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. The easy cookie recipe starts with a snowball cookie recipe and then they are stuffed with candy. If you’re looking for an easy holiday cookie recipe, then this is the recipe to try. Snowball cookies are also known as butterballs, Russian teacakes, and Mexican wedding cookies. Butterballs. If you like snowball cookies, then you are sure to love this holiday cookie recipe with the bonus of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. These easy cookies are buttery, nutty, sugary cookies that are stuffed with a peanut butter cup and rolled in more sugar. To make you will squish some dough flat and place a peanut butter cup on top. Then add more dough on the top and roll them into a ball, it's that easy. Some tips on how to make this holiday cookie recipe you want to be sure and not pack your flour or your powdered sugar, as your dough won’t mix up. If you are having trouble with the cookie dough mixing, you want to keep stirring. The easy cookies take a long time for the dough to come together, especially if you are not using a stand mixer. You can use any candy you want to stuff the middle of these easy cookies. Reese's Peanut Butter cups works but Rolos too. If you love snowball cookies, this easy cookies recipe is the perfect addition to any cookie platter. The basic cookie recipe is stuffed with a peanut butter cup.

Russian tea cake also known as snowball cookies are a kind of pastry, that is often eaten around Christmas in the United States and Canada. Russian tea cakes are a form of jumble, which is a pastry that was common in England during the Middle Ages. Similar varieties of Russian tea cakes are known as Italian wedding cookies, Mexican wedding cakes (or cookies), butterballs, and as snowball cookies because of their powdery white spherical appearance during the holiday season and winter holidays. Russian tea cakes and snowball cookies are a relatively simple recipe, and consists of flour, water, butter, and some ground nuts, the nut variety for Russian tea cakes depends upon the type of cookie. After baking the Russian tea cakes, they are rolled in some powdered sugar while they are still hot. The holiday cookie recipe is then coated again once the easy cookie has cooled. European-based snowball recipes rely upon coarsely chopped almonds, hazelnuts, or walnuts. Mexican wedding cake recipes traditionally use coarsely chopped pecans.

The reason for the name of Russian Tea Cake or any connection to that of Russian cuisine is unknown. It is speculated that the holiday cookie recipe either derived from other Eastern European shortbread cookie recipes, or the easy cookies may have migrated to Mexico with European nuns. It has also been suggested that the easy cookies may have been associated with cookies that were served beside Russian samovars or tea urns. By the 20th century, Russian tea cakes were a part of wedding and Christmas traditions held in the U.S., known as the popular Russian tea cake or Mexican wedding cake name. Bizcochitos, which is a recipe similar to pfeffernusse, was designated the official cookie of the State of New Mexico, and are similar except that the easy cookies have the addition of anise, although, when properly made, the anise flavor is very mild.

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