Home Made Cleaner for your Glass Cooktop

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Anyone with a glass cooktop knows that cleaning it to sparkling new is challenging. Firstly, since this is a glass cooktop, you have to be careful of scratching it whereas gas cooktops are more durable than glass ones. This makes cleaning a glass cooktop particularly challenging because while you would like to scrub with an abrasive sponge or cloth, it isn’t desirable to maintaining the stove. Luckily, Jayna, the author of Behind the Studio lifestyle blog, has come up with a cleaning solution that won’t damage it and will return it to looking like new. Her method involves using easy-to-find household products, as well, which means that you may not have to run out of the house to pick anything up; you can try cleaning your glass stovetop today.

The first item that Jayna specifies to use is natural baking soda. When baking soda and water are mixed, it creates a paste that lifts up grease, stains, and grime easily. Baking soda has become such a common household cleaning solution for those who want to limit chemical cleaners in their home. Baking soda can clean all areas of the home and is natural and safe because it is a food safe product and one that is often included in baking recipes. You could even use Jayna’s mixture as a countertop cleaner where grease also splatters along with breadcrumbs and residues from cooking. She combines the cleaning powers of baking soda with a bowl of soapy water to clean the stovetop, and so anywhere you use the product will sanitize, too. Simply use your favorite dish soap in the soapy water bowl, and then use it in every area of your kitchen. Even restaurants are known to use a mixture of dish soap and water for quick sanitizing solutions because it is safer than bleach, which they sometimes resort to, and is also much cheaper.

Part of the key to success of using these natural kitchen cleaners, like baking soda and water, is to wait. Unlike other cleaning products, baking soda doesn’t necessarily work right away, but it does ease the level of scrubbing later on. Once the stovetop is dusted with baking soda, a cloth soaked in soapy water is laid over the top and allowed to sit for several minutes. During this waiting time, the water and baking soda break down the stains and grime, so that you don’t have to scrub as much to remove them after. This cleaning solution is ideal for glass stovetops because it limits the risk of scratching the surface.

It is incredibly helpful to have household cleaning tips like this one because it makes tasks much more effective and efficient, all while using a natural cleaning product. Next thing you know, you will be employing natural baking soda in all your household tasks, because of its ability to cut through built-on dirt without spending too much time on challenging areas. Thank you, Jayna, the author of Behind the Studio lifestyle blog, for sharing her homemade cleaner for glass cooktops.

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