Home remedy to kill bed bugs and their eggs forever!

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A big misconception about a bed bug infestation is that your home has to be really dirty to have bed bugs. This isn't the truth, and bed bugs can pretty much survive anywhere there is blood to constantly feed on. Even luxury hotels have been subject to bed bug infestation most likely because a guest unknowingly brought them into the room on their clothing or in their luggage. The other surprising thing many people don't know about bed bugs is that it just takes one bed bug to start a bed bug infestation. That's because they are asexual meaning they don't need a mate to reproduce and make more bed bugs. They reproduce quickly too, laying many eggs which hatch quickly and then mature rapidly as well. Most of the United States is plagued with bed bug infestation, especially warmer areas in the south. Bed bugs can't survive in the cold very well which is why they won't do as well in colder places. If you live somewhere, that's prone to bed bug infestation learning more about bed bugs treatment and bed bug removal will help you address the problem and get on top of it as soon as possible.

Doing bed bugs treatment as soon as you even find one bed bug in your home will be crucial for bed bug removal. Where there's one, there's always more bed bugs or their eggs. Until you get rid of every bed bug and egg, you'll still be likely to have bed bugs in your home. Don't worry; you don't have to throw everything away like many people think you do. There are ways that you can remove bed bugs from your home effectively and affordably. You can hire a professional bed bug removal company if you have a really horrible bed bug infestation. In fact, it's best you do hire a professional if the situation has gotten really out of control. They will do a treatment and then give you some follow up procedures to follow so they don't come back, and so you can get any remaining bugs. Remember, bed bug removal is a process, and it may take multiple treatments to get rid of them completely so be persistent and don't give up. There are also all kinds of different bed bug removal sprays and powders that you can use, but this can end up costing you a lot of money especially if you have a large area to treat.

Morbid Media on YouTube shares his secret weapon when it comes to killing bed bugs for good. He suggests using Mineral Spirits which is usually what you might use when you're painting to remove paint from paint brushes and rollers. It's much like paint thinner which has a very distinct and strong odour. The mineral spirits he suggests using has a lighter odour, but the mineral spirits are still enough to completely kill the bugs. As soon as they come into contact with the mineral spirits they suffocate and die. It also kills the eggs which is good. You can also treat your items with a steam cleaner since bed bugs can't survive in extreme heat. Also, wash all of your bedding and other washable items with hot water and dry on the hot setting to kill any bed bugs. When you're treating your home using the mineral spirits make sure you wear a ventilator and have everyone, including pets out of the house while you're using it. To use it you put it in a spray bottle and spray the bugs with the mineral spirits. Watch the entire video and see how to remove bed bugs easily.***

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