Homemade Blueberry Custard Pie

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There is something very special about a homemade pie that is made from scratch like this Homemade Blueberry Custard Pie recipe for instance. The refreshing flavor of cooked blueberries along with a creamy, dreamy custard in a pie together is going to make your sweet tooth so happy. It's a perfect dessert to serve for any occasion. The fresh blueberries are also something that makes this pie healthier than most pies. In the offseason, you can make this recipe using frozen blueberries. Because of the nutritional value of blueberries in this dessert, it is not only a great way for getting kids to eat healthily but also allows them to enjoy a much deserved sweet treat. Besides the health factor, blueberries are delicious little beauties that bring a distinct flavor when added to dessert recipes.

Contrary to popular belief, making a pie crust from scratch is not a hard job at all. It is very much possible to make your own quick and easy pie crust at home, that tastes so much better than the store-bought pre-made pie crusts. Always remember to knead the dough with your hands and do not overdo it. Using a tablespoon or two of ice cold water in the dough helps in making pie crust easier to work with and yields the best pie crust texture. Before you begin to bake the crust, it must be chilled in the fridge for at least an hour. Lastly, do not add too much water to the pie crust dough as this will make it shrink while baking.

The nutritional value of blueberries comes from the high dietary fiber and iron present in them. Blueberries are also very high in Vitamin B6 and C and practically cholesterol and fat-free. They are low in sodium which is again another great reason to make a fresh fruit dessert like this one. This blueberry pie recipe tastes best when it is set completely in the refrigerator for a few hours or preferably overnight. You can add toppings of your choice like toasted pecans or any other nuts of your choice. Adding nuts to this pie gives that crunch that you may like with a creamy texture and makes it healthier too. You can also add chopped fruits as a garnish like kiwis, peaches, bananas, etc. Easy dessert recipes that use real fruit are budget-friendly and fuss-free without having to use a complicated list of too many ingredients. You can make this blueberry pie recipe for any occasion including picnics, a perfect Sunday brunch, or for when you have guests over as well.

Thank you to Bunny at the Bunny's Warm Oven food blog for sharing this easy Blueberry Pie recipe with us. Do visit Bunny’s blog for other savory and quick dessert recipes. You're going to make this recipe more than just once Homemade Blueberry Custard Pie recipe because honestly who doesn’t like a creamy pie with fruits in it? Enjoy a slice of this pie with your loved ones today!

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