Homemade Boston Cream Pie

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I love Boston Cream everything. Doughnuts, pies, I've even had it in a milkshake at a fair once – which I have regrettably been unable to find again since. This home-made Boston cream pie recipe is dead easy and dangerously delicious. The Boston Cream Pie is an old concoction. It was supposedly created at the Parker House Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts in 1856 by an Armenian-French chef and surprisingly, not a Bostonian. It is, however, not surprisingly the official dessert of the state of Massachusetts.

Jessica gives us a step-by-step, photographic, mouthwatering breakdown on her website, Butter with a Side of Bread, and the custard, the ganache, the cake, all of it looks so absolutely divine. So good that I think I may end up having to kick old Costco to the curb.

I’ve told myself that I am not renewing my Costco membership at the end of the year because I need to take some personal time away from my beloved wholesale behemoth in order to centre myself and learn some much needed self-control. Every time I go, I end up coming back with 5 of something I didn't need one of. Although this applies to many many many things that end up finding their way home with my from Costco, it definitely does not apply to their delectable Boston cream pies. I love Costco’s Boston cream pies so much, there is a good chance, if asked to guess what I was bringing to a get together, most guests who know me would wager a guess on a Costco Boston cream pie. But my Costco Boston cream pies have been getting quite expensive as of late, so I was thrilled to read about Jessica’s take on this classic, Better Crocker inspired, custard dessert.

I was once at a Christmas party where one of the desserts that had been brought were artisan doughnuts from a local bakery. I just so happened to see them placed down before anyone else did and therefore had my pick of the bunch. I obviously chose this decadent Boston Cream and as I was eating it, sipping my Baileys on the rocks I thought to myself, this would be delicious with some Bailey’s baked right in. I don’t see why the theory wouldn't apply to the pie either.

For the full recipe and other great ideas on Butter With a Side of Bread, follow the link at the bottom of this article.

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