Homemade Caesar Dressing

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This Homemade Caesar Dressing is very possibly a recipe that you will want to read. Caesar salad is very popular, especially during the warmer months when you are looking to eat lighter. There are many variations to Caesar dressing. A lot of the recipes call for the use of a raw egg, and where at one-time people were not nervous about eating raw eggs, it is more of a concern now. Many recipes omit the egg entirely because of not only a bit of concern over raw eggs but also some people just don't care for the taste of raw eggs. (me included)

I was very excited when I read this recipe as I am a huge salad eater and make all my own dressings. Oddly I have never seen a recipe for a dressing that uses boiled eggs like this one we are about to share with you. Of course, it makes perfect sense to process your boiled eggs along with the other ingredients called for! The boiled eggs will not only add flavor, they will also make the dressing creamy.

This dressing would go perfectly on many types of salads beside the Caesar, which, of course, uses romaine lettuce. It's easy to imagine already how great it would go with a full on salad of baby greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, green onions along with raw sunflower seeds!

We want to thank Blogger Aimee from 'Shugary Sweets' for posting this simple yet completely practical recipe. Aimee talks a little about why she gave this a try, and she says the dressing is even better on day two as the flavors infuse. She also says it can keep refrigerated up to five days. This would never last five days in my house. Given the amount of dressing it makes, you can be sure it will be generously poured onto any salad coming from my kitchen.

Please visit the 'Shugary Sweets' website below for the ingredients and instructions and be sure to share this one along!

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