Homemade Chicken and Biscuits

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What says home and family more or better than homemade chicken and biscuits? This rich and hearty meal serves a hungry family and satisfies all the need for food that really fills the tummy. This recipe can come together two ways. On days when you have time and energy, make the biscuits from scratch. The recipe includes a quick yeast variation that you can make ahead. If you are just too busy, take advantage of the many commercial products that you can find, and buy the type that you bring home and bake. These get put on top of the chicken casserole and then cooked. They are a great alternative when time is short and people are hungry for dinner.

The chicken stew uses the classic carrots and peas combination that makes this dish taste so homey and familiar. You could probably substitute whatever you have in the fridge, but these two vegetables are the traditional choice for this dish. As well, they are cheap and full of nutrition. This recipe also has you chopping celery and onions as well as adding other spices for flavoring. Again, this is classic chicken and biscuits. Because it does not draw on commercial seasonings or soups for its base, you will find the flavor particularly clean and fresh on the palette. As such, it is a rich and creamy dish that you make all on your own.

Don’t let all the chopping of onions and celery intimidate you with this recipe. Get everything in order that you need to use, and this whole dish can be pulled together in well under 30 minutes. Pop it in the oven for about 30 minutes and in under one hour, you can have a filling and fabulous dinner for your family. Try it tonight.

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