Homemade Chicken Pot Pie

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Pie is a word that sounds so comforting and images of Mom’s kitchen run through our minds. Nicole offers up her recipe for homemade chicken potpie and in these hurried times we live in, anything that provides comfort and nutrition is always welcome. She will readily tell you it is not a meal that is made in a hurry. This chicken pot pie recipe takes a little effort and dedication but if you take the time she is sure it will become one of your favorites. The notion of putting meat into a pie is not something that came about overnight. The first recorded variations on the meat pie date back to the Roman Empire. A recipe which was found from this period called for live birds to be baked into the pie. Imagine the horror and surprise you would get from cutting into a pie and a live bird flying out, not the most appetizing sight. And of course, must be in 'jest' as it is difficult to imagine a live feathered bird actually being put into a pie! By the 16th century, the English had begun to cook meat pies, and many of their recipes called for venison to be the main ingredient. By the mid 16th century the pie had evolved into one of the most called for meals in the land. By this time pork, lamb and other wild game were also ingredients. The movement of people into the New World meant many immigrants were bringing along with them all their belongings as well as their native pie recipes. This idea caught on and as the movement to the west began, potpie recipes traveled across America and were the bases for all the variations on the recipe we have today.

The simplicity of the potpie and the chance to use meats and veggies are factors that helped this comfort food take the foothold it has in our many kitchens. Most potpies which consist of a type of chicken or meat along with a variety of vegetables and a sauce to bind everything together. You can skip the meat and make the veggie version as well. The binding ingredient is usually the sauce. Everyone has a take on that part of the recipe, but Nicole, and her "go-to" ingredient is not typically what you find in a potpie recipe. The addition of apple cider might make you stop and think and ponder if it works. The theory behind it is since apple cider is both tart with a bit of sweetness you get that play of tastes. Those two flavors are the base for many different recipes and usually works well when looking for that right balance between sweet and savory.

The shell is the part of the recipe which usually gets passed over, but the right casing for that delectable center is one part of the pie recipe which brings all the flavors together and allows for everything to bake up nicely without having the juices spilling out the top and sides. Nicole’s homemade chicken pot pie recipe take approximately 45 minutes of preparation time and 1 hour and 30 minutes of cooking time. But remember Rome wasn’t built in a day. Thanks to Nicole of "Coley Cooks" recipe blog for sharing her Homemade Chicken Pot Pie recipe with all of us. **

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