Homemade Christmas Gumdrops

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This Homemade Christmas Gumdrops recipe will be a pleasure for you and the kids to make together and to serve to friends, family and other guests who happen to drop in over the Christmas holidays. Making a homemade Christmas gumdrops recipe is a much superior thing over the commercial ones you buy. Although you may be somewhat horrified at the ingredients that are used to make Christmas gumdrops, they are far less awful than what is used to make the usual commercial varieties that you might purchase at the candy store or even at the local grocery store. So this homemade Christmas gumdrops recipe has a lot of sugar and a few ingredients that you might not have expected to see in a gumdrop candy, but the results of your made from scratch gumdrops will be much more flavorful than anything you could purchase anywhere.

Gumdrops are a sweet and chewy confection that most people really enjoy, and often remember from their childhood. Because they are made with gelatin, they end up as a chewy candy rather than a candy that is rock hard. That happens with this homemade Christmas gumdrops recipe as well, so this recipe does emulate the commercial product. What it will do when you make this homemade gumdrops recipe is produce a much better flavor and nicer chew than the commercial variety. So enjoy this project with the kids whenever you have a few hours to pass away.

This treat is an easy one to make, and a great project to make with the kids. You simply blend a few household ingredients together, pop the heated result in a pan and wait for it to set and cool. Once this homemade Christmas gumdrops recipe has cooled you can use any candy or cookie cutters that you have to cut out shapes that you like. Stick them on sticks or leave them plain; either way, these gumdrops are sure to please whoever gets to share them. They are a great gift to give out when friends, family and other guests stop by over the Christmas season, and are great things to include in Christmas cards that you are hand delivering, or gifts that you are giving out.

Gumdrops are an old treat that have been available commercially for many years in a wide range of colors and flavors. You can emulate many of these flavors and colors, too, when you make your gumdrops at home from scratch. The kids will definitely want to help, although waiting for them to cool and set may test their patience considerably. Enjoy these sweet treats soon, and set them aside in a sealed container for the holidays. Try them out soon.

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