Homemade Churros with Chocolate Sauce

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The first time I had a churro was in Mexico and I was so utterly surprised by the texture with its combination of crunchy and super chewy. The next day I went back to the store that sold them and they were sold out!..Then the next day, the very same thing..sold out! Every day after that for nearly 2 weeks these delicious pastries were sold out and my heart was broken each time.

So, I went on an internet hunt to find the best looking (and easiest) recipe I could find to recreate these delicious pastries. Lucky for me, I came across this recipe from the chef at #Handle the Heat.

The flavors of a churro are a combination of sugar, cinnamon, dough and deep fried goodness. Yes, they are deep fried,and there is not getting around that for this treat. It like compared baked donuts, to regular deep fried donuts...sure you can sort of mimic them, but nothing tastes quite the same.

The dough in this recipe is very easy to make, and the main technique lies in learning how to make them as straight as you can. The biggest drawback of any deep fried recipe is dealing with the hot oil safety and clean up. Make sure your oil temperature hits the required heat of 350F before you put any of the dough, or else it will end up spending more time in the oil and get more saturated with oil and therefore become more unhealthy. You will also need a piping bag with a large open star tip in order to squeeze out the dough to create the classic churro look.

Each churro will cook for about 5-7 minute, and you have to watch at first to make sure that the dough gets straightened out with some long kitchen tongs if it starts to curl. That being said, even if they do curl, they will still be delicious!

So, head on over to the 'Handle the Heat' website link below for this delicious Homemade Churro recipe.

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