Homemade Cookies N Cream Oreos

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Oreo cookies are the star of the cookie aisle, but have you ever thought about making your own? Dorothy, the author of ‘Crazy For Crust’ recipe blog, has come up with an Oreo recipe that is even better than the Oreo themselves. The cookies are just a little bit softer, and the filling is a lot creamier. The thing that sets this oreo cookie recipe apart is that the cream filling has crumbled cookies strewn throughout so that it’s more of a cookie and cream filling than pure white cream. So, what are you waiting for? Try this homemade cookies ‘n cream oreos recipe today.

Oreo cookies have a distinct bitter chocolate flavour that is challenging to recreate at home, but Dorothy found that by using Hershey’s Special Dark cocoa powder, she could achieve a similar dark chocolate flavour in her oreo cookie recipe. Of course, you can use whatever cocoa powder you have on hand, but the taste of your cookies n’ cream cookie recipe will be different although no less delicious. Dorothy’s other secret ingredient to making this the best oreo cookie recipe ever is by using marshmallow cream in the filling. Marshmallow cream gives this cookie filling a creaminess that is unknown to the traditional Oreo cookie, and the smooth mouthfeel is what makes this cookie recipe so addictive.

This cookies ‘n cream oreo cookie recipe is perfect as is, but if you want to change them up, you can turn them into chocolate chip oreo cookies instead. Simply stir in some dark chocolate chips into the cookie batter before baking and you will have double chocolate chip cookies to sandwich your cream. Easy cookies like this are open to creativity, but some changes may lead you to have different results with your cookie recipe. If you opt to add chocolate chips to your cookie batter, just make sure not to add too many, or else your cookies will bake into mounds and not be the nice flat cookie that is sought-after in sandwich cookie recipes. You can also exchange the softened butter for shortening, but Dorothy instructs that by using shortening, this oreo cookie recipe may not bake as flat as they could. Whatever you choose to do, try this Oreo recipe is written first to see how the cookies are meant to be; then, you can branch out and try adding your own twists.

If you love Oreo cookies, this cookies ‘n cream version takes under an hour to bake, which is not that much more time than if you were to pick up a package from the store. This Oreo sandwich cookie recipe also tastes so much better and will become your go-to holiday cookie recipes in the years to come. For even more unique takes on the Oreo cookie, check out Dorothy’s blog for her peanut butter oreo cookie recipe and her golden oreo recipe. Thank you to Dorothy, the author of ‘Crazy For Crust’ recipe blog, for showing us how to make her homemade cookies ‘n cream oreos recipe.**

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