Homemade Donuts Using Frozen Dough

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Recipe creators and bloggers, such as Rhodes Blog, featured in this recipe, can be so creative. Here we make Homemade Donuts Using Frozen Dough, a great way to make a super treat easy and quick. Get the kids to help, if not with the preparation or baking, then with the dipping of the icing. They will have a ball. Make the icing in every color in the rainbow—or let them create the colors themselves. It will be a great day, and every one will have a wonderful treat when all is done.

Donuts were thought to have been created a few centuries past when a sailor’s mother stuffed nuts inside a bread to provide some extra nutrition for her son as he crossed the oceans. Thus the name, dough nut. It is always hard to know whether these stories are anywhere near the truth, but they are fun to tell regardless. And you can tell that story to the kids as you make this special treat. It is always amazing how much kids love to hear tales about how things began, or were created, and to watch their eyes light up, fascinated by new knowledge. But that is, in part, what makes kids great, isn’t it?

Try this recipe any time. Do not worry if you do not have the precisely same frozen roll variety that this recipe calls for. Just buy whatever your local grocery carries, and it will work fine. The recipe is also terrific because you don’t need any special tools to make or shape the dough either. And, the icing is simple enough that it can be made by the slightly older kids, and the colors chosen by the smaller ones. Together, every one can help make this dessert a success. Try this recipe out soon.

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