Homemade Dutch Apple Pie

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Try this Homemade Dutch Apple Pie recipe for a different twist on an international classic. It seems that almost every culture has some form of apple pie recipe. Perhaps that is because there are hundreds of varieties of apples and most of them grow in at least one part of the world or another. So an apple pie recipe may be the most natural thing of all to appear at the dinner table.

In North America, different kinds of apple pie recipes can be found in almost every region. In this particular apple pie recipe, a flaky bottom crust, made from flour, lard and water forms the layer of this recipe. Then apples are cut, sugared and layered on top. The topping is a crumble, somewhat like a streusel. This topping, known as the Dutch apple pie recipe, is different from the version that comes to us from England. The British version begins with the flaky pie crust made from flour, water and lard, as well as the apple rich filling that forms the middle of the pie, but the British also top their apple pie recipe with another flaky crust made from flour, lard, and water (sometimes milk). This version of a British apple pie is many hundreds of years old. It can also include various spices, raisins, figs and even pears, in some instances. The crust also means that the English pie is much richer in fat and calories than the Dutch apple pie version. Both, of course, are fabulous. The Swedes also make an apple pie, but forego the flour and lard crust altogether, choosing instead to make a more layered like configuration with the crust made from oats and bread crumbs. They also make a very popular apple cake, which is an eggy cake filled with apples. The French, of course, love their desserts laden with fruit and so the fruit tart is well known and loved. In this recipe, or at lest one version of it, the apples are cooked in butter and sugar, then a batter is poured over the cake. The cake is cooked, either right on the stove top or in an oven, and flipped over to reveal the fruit when it comes out of the oven and is ready to serve. This is a version of the popular upside down cake that we make here in North America.

In any event this homemade Dutch apple pie recipe will delight everyone who is lucky enough to get a slice of it. Serve it warm with ice cream, or get very decadent and serve it with just the lightest drizzle of caramel sauce, preferably made from scratch, and all of it served warm.

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