Homemade Flubber for Kids

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Try making this Homemade Flubber for Kids on a day when the kids are stuck inside and you are all bored and with nothing to do to pass the time. This type of project is a lot of fun and kids and parents everywhere can get a real kick out of making this play dough. The other nice thing about this type of project is that it gets the kids away from the television sets, their computers, ipods, ipads, and other electronic gizmos and gets them actually playing with each other, and you. So plan on making this project soon with the kids.

The other great thing about this project is that you might already have all of the ingredients on hand to help you make the flubber for your kids. And this stuff has been given all kinds of names over time. It has been called play dough for the most part, and flubber is the latest name that this soft and malleable stuff has been given. When you make this flubber at home from scratch you can also control the ingredients and so you know what it is that your kids are handling, playing with, and even smelling. One of the worst concerns with some of these kinds of products is what kinds of ingredients have been used to make them up. For this recipe, common household ingredients are put together to create the play dough (flubber). So you can feel better about what it is that the kids are handling when they play with this stuff.

This play stuff can be used for all kinds of fun play times with the kids. They can pull the flubber apart, build things, and make buildings, toys, clay type people, and anything else that they can imagine. It is just a fun thing even to hold because of the cool and neat feeling of the stuff as it sits in your hand.

So you and the kids can have loads of fun. First, you can spend time making the flubber, and then, once it is made, you and the kids can have hours of fun just feeling it, making things with it, and enjoying your time together. And you can be glad to get them away from their electronics for a change. Instead of sitting around playing with those things they can be talking and sharing and building something with you and possibly even their siblings. This project is a lot of fun and can be made up fairly quickly. So you can move from making the project to playing with the flubber in pretty short order. This is a lot of fun. Enjoy yourself when you make it.

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