Homemade French Bread

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Can anything be more simple, pure and delicious than a fresh loaf of home baked bread? This homemade French bread wont disappoint, and your family will stay close to home once they catch a whiff of yeast rising. If you have never made bread before, try it today. Although it can seem intimidating to go through the entire kneading and rising process, making home made bread is much easier than you might think. And the rewards are very satisfying.

Bread is thought to be one of the worlds oldest forms of food. In its simplest version it can be a combination of just flour and water cooked on a stove (perhaps originally over an open flame). Today breads of every shape and variety are available, even some that are made without any flour in the traditional sense. These so-called gluten free loaves can be made with other grains such as garbanzo beans ground to a fine powder or rice similarly processed. Any way you shape it or make it, though, nothing beats the smell of fresh bread or how good it tastes with rich butter melting on a warm slice.

This bread is one of the simplest you could try. It uses basic ingredients, all of which can be mixed by hand. You can knead the dough by hand, too, and shape it into beautiful elongated shapes for baking. Although this recipe uses a baking stone, which is a great addition to create crisp exteriors to your bread, you can bake this bread on a cookie-type sheet and still get fantastic results.

One tip with this recipe is that it calls for sucanat, which is a sort of unrefined sugar. If you prefer, you can substitute plain white sugar instead. This bread also calls for the dough to be slashed before it is baked. Slashing bread helps to shape the loaf since it encourages the bread to rise in the direction of the slash. It also makes the load even more beautiful to look at. When you slash your loaf, be sure to use the sharpest knife you have and make a definitive, but not too deep, cut. Steady your hand (and your heart, if its your first attempt!) and make a sure and strong cut across the loaf. This site has great pictures to help you out here.

Bread is a singular creation and people who start to make their own often get hooked on it. Try it yourself today!

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