Homemade Hawaiian Bread Rolls

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This recipe for homemade Hawaiian bread rolls is perfectly sweet, fluffy, soft, and golden brown. This easy dinner roll recipe is sure to be your go-to next time you feel like baking buns at home. And you'll love how easy these are to make. You'll want to watch the step by step video on this easy dinner roll recipe. These easy dinner rolls are sweet, slightly tropical and perfectly buttery. And if baking buns at home makes you nervous this is a good place to start, because you can watch the video and follow the recipe notes to get perfect bread every time. These big beautiful sweet golden rolls look just like the store-bought ones, but because you made them yourself, they are that much better.

You'll want to take a look at these recipe notes for perfect and easy dinner rolls every time. For starters don't let baking buns at home intimate you, these buns are meant to ensure your baking success. The easy dinner rolls recipe is specifically written to make bread rolls as similar as possible to the store-bought kind, so if you change or substituting anything, the recipe will produce different results. This easy dinner rolls recipe is meant to be sweet, which is why the pineapple juice and the sugar in the recipe is added. If you don’t want this dinner rolls recipe to be quite as sweet just reduce the sugar. The homemade Hawaiin rolls recipe calls for instant yeast because that makes the recipe easy to do. If you need to use active dry yeast in the roll recipe, simply add the yeast to the pineapple juice and the milk and let it sit for five minutes before proceeding with the next step in the recipe. Note that you may have longer rising times if you use yeast. Make sure to use room temperature canned pineapple juice for best results. You may knead the easy dinner rolls dough by hand if you don’t have a stand mixer. This step may take up to ten minutes by hand. You may use all-purpose flour instead of white bread flour, but the bread flour recommended in the recipe gives these dinner rolls a perfectly round shape and chewy texture. Weighing the flour for the recipe gives you the most accurate and the best results, but if you are using cup measures make sure to use the spoon and the level method.

As for making this easy dinner roll recipe ahead of time, you can freeze these easy dinner rolls ten minutes after your shape the dough into the rolls. Defrost the buns overnight in the fridge, then let sit at room temperature for about an hour, until the rolls are puffy and not so cold, before baking as the recipe directs. You can also let the shaped dinner rolls rise overnight in the fridge. Let the rolls sit at room temperature for about an hour, until they are puffy and not as cold, before baking the dinner rolls as the recipe calls for. You can also freeze the fully baked dinner rolls in an airtight container. Then thaw the dinner rolls to room temperature overnight before reheating in a 300°F oven for ten minutes. You can also bake these rolls straight from the freezer at 300°F for 20 to 25 minutes, though this baking method may produce more dry dinner rolls.

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