Homemade Indian Fry Bread

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Have you ever tried homemade Indian fry bread? Well, we have to admit, we hadn’t even heard of it before we found this incredible recipe by Kristyn over at the Lil’ Luna cooking blog. She says it’s been a mainstay in her family since time immemorial and we can understand why. There are just so many things you can do with it! But this recipe is probably the absolute best because it just looks so delicious.

Indian fry bread, also known as a “Navajo Taco” starts out basically as a flat dough that is then fried or deep-fried. It can be leavened using soured milk or baking powder. It’s absolutely scrumptious just on its own, or you can add any kind of topping – like jam, cheese, honey, icing sugar, or chocolate. Or a whole bunch of savoury delights, as in this recipe!

Back in 1864, the Navajo who were living in Arizona were forced to relocate and make the “Long Walk”, a 300-mile exodus to Bosque Redondo in New Mexico. The new desert land they were to inhabit was not appropriate for growing the vegetables and beans they had known for so long. Instead, they started using the sugar, salt, lard, and flour the US government had given them for travelling, and Indian fry bread was born. Sometimes necessity breeds invention and in this case, the invention was very tasty and it has been a lasting staple for the Navajo for all of this time. It has also caught on with many families living in the American Southwest, and is now an old favourite of many generations. And no wonder!

Kristyn, the talented chef over at Lil’ Luna, is the proud mom of five adorable children. Her own mother’s maiden name was “Luna” and so she has inherited the lil’ Luna nickname too. Kristyn is so enthusiastic about her family, her life, and her cooking that it just shines through in all of her blog posts. She’s super excited about food, and with amazing recipes like this, we start getting excited too. So why not hop to it? We know you can’t stop looking at that picture! Go for it, start cooking up that lovely fry bread tonight! Make it one of your new family traditions. Make it for your kids, make it for your friends, and share it with your whole community. Rest assured, it will be a hit wherever you go!

For the full recipe of Homemade Indian Fry Bread, and many more, please visit the Lil' Luna cooking blog below!

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