Homemade Lemon Lavender Dishwasher Tablets

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When you add up the amount of money you could spend each week on the various specialized cleaning products that are available, it can get a bit scary. Save some money with these Homemade Lemon Lavender Dishwasher Tablets that will still leave you with sparkling clean dishes, and ones that smell great. The recipe calls for a number of brand name products, but why not cut the cost even further and go for the no name brands? It does not really matter what kind of baking soda you use; all of them are the same, and the price can vary considerably from a no name product to one that is well known.

This recipe takes a few minutes to make, literally, and can cut plenty of money from your cleaning budget. They smell great, and just a nose full of lavender will leave you feeling clean and awake, too. These tablets just get tossed together, mixed well, and then left to dry. Use whenever you do your dishes. It is also good to know what kind of water you have; that is, whether it is soft or hard water. With hard water, these tablets work best if you put vinegar in the rinse cup of your dishwasher to ensure the dishes rinse fresh and clean.

There are plenty of cleaning products that you can make yourself, and that will cut plenty of money from your shopping budget. And who wants to spend their hard earned cash on dish detergents? Here, you can save plenty, and enjoy fresh and clean dishes at the same time. You will also know what it is that you are using to clean your dishes. There are no surprise ingredients in this home made mixture that you put together yourself.

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