Homemade Marshmallow Fluff

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Oh, boy. The thing about making homemade marshmallow fluff is that it is so hard to resist it when you make it. There is just something about its foamy, fluffy, soft white texture that forces your fingers in to the bowl and then in to your mouth. There is no way to resist it. And this is a good recipe for fluff. It is made with egg whites and that means a really light, frothy, sweet and impossible to say no! to treat. My only defense is to just say yes. So I always plan to eat a big dob of it once it is done. When I promise myself that I get a big scoop once it is ready, I usually manage to not eat any of it before it is ready. Then, I choose something I love, such as strawberries or raspberries, and plan to have it all to myself. No sharing for me with this kind of treat. It is just too decadent, and I cannot resist it.

It is hard to find anything to redeem a treat like this one, except to argue that, sometimes, emotional satisfaction is worth the price of the calories that are in it. And that is the case with this sort of stuff. Just give in. Plan for it. Go with it. Think about how delicious it will be to dip your strawberries deep in to your little bowl, and slowly put it in to your mouth. Make sure you lick your fingers after each one. Do not waste even one bite. It is going to be a lot of sugar. Who cares? Sometimes, these treats are necessary to life.

This recipe is a bit tricky and somewhat time consuming to make. But its results are really fantastic. The site also offers several ways to use the sweet stuff for treats for your family, so enjoy!

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