Homemade Samoas Cookies Recipe

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There is lots to love about this Homemade Samoas Cookies Recipe. This fun desserts recipe has a crisp cookie, coated in caramel, sprinkled with coconut and drizzled with the best dark chocolate. This homemade Samoas cookie is the best dark chocolate recipe you will try. With ingredients like shredded coconut, chewy caramels, milk, semisweet chocolate chips and vanilla extract it is an easy caramel recipe that will make it's way to your favorite cookie list. Using pre-made caramels for this fun desserts recipes saves some time and makes an easy caramel sauce recipe that won't take much more than melting them in the microwave with some milk and salt till they are smooth and creamy. This is one of those fun desserts recipes to try with the kids; the different layers make for a unique cookie. This cookie recipe looks and tastes yummy.

Coconut is a popular fruit that we hear a lot about lately. Unsweetened coconut calories and nutrition can be found in coconut milk, raw coconut, and coconut water. Coconut can be eaten raw, and used for a variety of fun desserts and recipes. Unsweetened coconut nutrition includes dietary minerals of manganese, iron, phosphorus and zinc. The seed of the coconut can provide oil for frying, cooking, and making margarine. The white, fleshy part inside of the coconut seed, known as the coconut meat, can be used either fresh or dried in cooking. Popular coconut recipes include confections and desserts such as fun desserts and macaroon recipes. Coconut butter is often what is used to describe coconut oil that is solidified. Dried coconut has a lot of coconut flakes nutrition. Coconut water is a healthy drink that is popular throughout the humid tropic regions of the world and has been recently introduced into the retail market as a processed healthy sports drink in place of other energy drinks.

Caramel has long been a popular addition to fun desserts and sweet recipes. Lately, you are hearing even more about salted caramel being used in fun desserts and recipes. The sweet confectionary recipe is made just like caramel recipes but with the addition of a bit of salt. Typically caramel is a beige to sweet dark-brown treat that is made by heating a variety of sugars at the right temperatures. Caramel can be used as a flavoring in dessert recipes and puddings, as a filling in bonbons, or as a topping for custard and ice cream. There are a wide variety of dessert recipes, candies, and confections that are made with caramel. Examples of caramel recipes include brittles, nougats, caramel apples, pralines, crème brûlée, and crème caramel.

Thank you to Sarah at the "Sugar Apron" recipe site for sharing this easy caramel recipe for Samoa cookies. This is just one of the fun desserts you will find on the site. Sarah is a part-time kindergarten teacher who loves to cook, bake, take photos and go jogging. She is the recipe developer, photographer, writer and test taster for the site. Some of the recipes you will find on the site include salad recipes, appetizer recipes, snack recipes, pasta recipes, pizza recipes, breakfast recipes and more. You will also find cheesecake recipes, holiday recipes, cupcake recipes, main dish recipes and more. Some of the other recipes you will find include pastry baking, the best chocolate chip cookie recipe, best dark chocolate recipe and fun desserts to name a few.**

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