Homemade Smore Donuts With Marshmallow Filling

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Homemade Smore Donuts with Marshmallow Filling will be in high demand with the kids. These doughnuts are super sweet and pop out a creamy marshmallow filling with the first bite. They are fun to eat, and great to serve at family outings where kids clamor for snacks and treats. These doughnuts contain plenty of butter and other fats, so don’t make them too big. They will be plenty filling, even for ever-starving little ones.

The idea of s'mores goes back almost 100 years, and is thought to have originated with girl scouts. They took graham wafers and sandwiched a bit of roasted marshmallow and melted chocolate in-between the layers to make a tiny cookie-cake of wafer, marshmallow and chocolate. Of course, with a fabulous combination such as this one, the recipe took off. Now it can be found all over North America, at campfires and beyond. This recipe is a play on that combination, filling the doughnut with the marshmallow fluff and topping it with chocolate ganache and graham sprinkles. This treat will be met with screams of delight. There is nothing like something that is gooey and sweet that kids can bite deep in to and get a rush of creamy delicious to make a snack popular. And there is something about anything marshmallow that just appeals to kids—and the kid in all of us!

This is a classic doughnut recipe made from yeast. This will produce a bread like doughnut, which is somewhat heavier than a quick bread. Don’t interpret that to mean it is not as good; it sure is. The dough is deep fried to produce the traditional doughnut, then filled and smothered in the appropriate s’mores stuff. Try this recipe out. Give yourself plenty of time to let the dough rise and to fry them up.

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