Homemade Soft Pretzel Bites

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How much fun is it to make homemade pretzels? And with this recipe from Midget Momma you get to do just that. The invention of the pretzel might be up for debate. Stories exist that say the earliest pretzel was invented by a German monk who made the twists to resemble the shape of crossed arms and gave them to children who learned their prayers. Other stories say the pretzel originated in Greece, from monasteries there, nearly one thousand years ago. Well, whoever invented it has the thanks of all of us who enjoy the treat today.

Pretzels, like bagels, get their unique skin by dunking the dough into water before baking them. Traditionally salt was applied to both after they were baked and still hot to complement the salty flavor of the soda water they were first boiled in. Today, pretzels and bagels have all kinds of things added to them, poured on them, or that they get rolled or dunked into, once they are finished baking. You can have everything from a sweet pretzel drizzled with caramel, chocolate, or any of a thousand other toppings and bagels that are choc-a-bloc with fruit, nuts, made of chocolate or again, many other ingredients. The range today for both these delicious breads is nearly limitless.

This bagel recipe is a great first recipe for a bread baker. If attempting an entire loaf seems to daunting, start with this recipe for pretzel bits. It is easy and straightforward, uses ordinary ingredients you probably have on hand already, and yet offers you the opportunity to see how dough rises, using a water bath and then baking process for baking. Of course, the best part is that you also get to eat these goodies when they’re done. Warm, nothing beats a fresh pretzel. You can go for the classic salted pretzel. This recipe first rolls the pretzel in butter, making if even more decadent. It will be perfect for Friday night movies with the family. This recipe is likely beyond the skill of first-time bakers or cooks, but if you have some skill and like to try new things, this recipe is a great one to try out. Find out how to make this recipe and many others at the website, Midget Momma, by following the link below.

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