Homemade Strawberry Sweet Rolls

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During strawberry season, this homemade strawberry sweet rolls recipe consists of glazed pastries filled with perfectly sweet ruby red berries that are excellent for adorning any brunch or coffee table. Don’t let the season deter you from preparing this strawberry rolls recipe, however; the strawberries in this bun recipe can be substituted with strawberry jelly or thawed frozen strawberries to turn these into an all-year-round treat. If you have a challenging time deciding between fruity Danish recipes and cinnamon roll recipes, this dessert marries the two together so that you don’t have to decide, because there are the flavours of a glazed Danish with the preparation of a cinnamon bun.

If you want to create healthy food habits for your children early, it is integral to get them appreciating the flavours of fresh fruit and vegetables early. Enjoying fresh flavours can easily extend into baked goods, like this strawberry bun recipe, where kids can learn to enjoy the strawberry flavour in its baked form. One cup of fresh strawberries contains just forty-nine calories, which isn’t a lot for such a substantial amount, and has very high levels of vitamin C, manganese, and dietary fibre. Additionally, strawberries are high in potassium. Along with the healthy benefits of strawberries, the dough recipe contains only a few tablespoons of sugar and butter; the remaining components are flour, yeast, milk and water, and egg. These healthy baked goods are filled with natural ingredients that you can feel good about serving to yourself and your children.

Dessert roll recipes are some of the best dessert recipes ever because they pack a lot of flavour into a more nutritious yeast-based dough. Other cake recipes require a substantial amount of sugar to create structure in the baked item, but this strawberry recipe relies on the activity of yeast and flour instead for fluffy dough. If you want to limit your consumption of refined sugars, incorporating sweet seasonal fruits into your homemade recipies for desserts is an excellent idea, because they add sweetness without overloading the dish with unnecessary sugars. You may choose to replace the stewed strawberry component of this sweet roll recipe with strawberry jelly, which there are both sweetened and unsweetened varieties of, or you might prefer to eliminate the sugar altogether from the strawberry filling recipe. In the case of the strawberry filling, the sugar is a necessary element because it provides structure to the strawberry sauce, as well as sweet flavour, just like when you are making a homemade jam. You could always substitute with a raw strawberry jam, however, by combining strawberries in a blender with some natural sweetener, like unpasteurized honey or pure maple syrup, and puree until it is a chunky jam-like consistency. Just don’t go too far or the mixture may become runny. This strawberry roll recipe is sure to be the perfect breakfast recipe or an excellent dish to serve when you have friends visit for coffee. Thank you to Chrissy, the author of ‘The Taylor House’ recipe and lifestyle blog, for sharing her strawberry sweet rolls recipe with us.**

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