Homemade Toaster Strudels

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Try out these homemade toaster strudels and see if they can entice those morning types who always try to skip out on breakfast. Spoon a little cream cheese on the inside of each of these pretty pastries as well as the jam and you bump up the nutrition for them. These are quick and easy to make and it is doubtful any one would be able to resist their fabulous flavor.

The basis for this recipe lies in using commercial phyllo or puff pastry. This pastry is made by folding layers of dough around butter. The layers separate when the pastry is cooked because the butter releases moisture that pushes apart the layers. In some hand made puff pastries, there can be more than 1000 layers of dough and butter. This is a wonderful pastry that can be used for both sweet and savory purposes. If you think your kids would prefer a savory breakfast, try cream cheese, chicken and red pepper. Just make sure the chicken is pre-cooked, and the veggies are chopped very fine so they cook quickly.

There are plenty of ways to use puff pastry, and you can look up recipes that use just this pastry, if you like it. It forms a lovely topping for stews, meat pies and similar savory dishes, can be cut in circles and placed on a casserole to make it extra special, or used as in this recipe, to make a lovely sweet toaster strudel. Any way you like it, this little puff pastry might be able to provide it for you. The website offers great photos to get you through the recipe as well as easy to follow instructions. Even an aspiring cook or baker could make this one with great success. Try it soon.

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