Homemade Zuppa Toscana Soup

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Healthy soups are not bought they are created. Yes it takes some time and love but in the end you will have a healthy homemade soup everyone will love. This Homemade Zuppa Toscana Soup recipe that Crystal offers us can be the healthy homemade soup you have been looking for. Recipes for homemade soup might start out as a recipe you find but with a touch of your own love and care they can be part of the healthy soups you cherish.If you try to imagine all the different and varied recipes for homemade soup you will quickly realize you have a large selection to choose from. Bare in the mind the fact that recipes are guidelines and that you can freely substitute ingredients and cooking methods for health reasons or for reasons to do with your palate and people you are cooking for. This widens the range of your possibilities. Making recipes inspire you to be creative. Everyone out there can make a recipe but not everyone out there has the dedication to taking the time to write it down and share it. So when you come across a new recipe like this offering of homemade zuppa Toscana take the time to look it over and decide what you can do to style it to your desires or keep it as it is and you never know it might become your go to soup.

This Toscana soup is from the region of Italy known as Tuscany. The Tuscan region is located in central Italy and it’s regional capital is the city of Firenze (Florence). Known for it’s majestic castles and rich history Tuscany is also an area where many fabulous recipes have originated. This area is a tourist mecca with its rich art history and cobblestone streets lined with cafes and art studios. Tuscany has an immense cultural and artistic heritage, expressed in the region's churches, palaces, art galleries, museums, villages and piazzas. Many of these artifacts are found in the main cities, such as Florence and Siena, but also in smaller villages scattered around the region, such as San Gimignano. Leonardo DaVinci and Michelangelo were also from this region and they at one time or another might have also partaken of this classic Tuscan soup recipe. The rich history and amazing sites all add to the allure of a wonderful soup recipe that in one spoonful can transport you across the ocean.

Some might actually regard Crystal’s recipe of homemade Toscana soup as a form of chowder rather than a soup per say. The cream, potatoes and sausage and bacon instead of fish or clams bring this soup into the realm of the chowder variety. That being said it definitely has the comfort soup and stick to your ribs mentality going for it.Thanks to Crystal of Simply Being Mommy Blog for her yummy Homemade Zuppa Toscana Soup recipe. When you are feeling trapped and want to have a Mediterranean adventure, take the time to make this soup and you will feel like an artist and transport your mind to Tuscany. Bon Apetit. **

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