Homestyle Potato Salad

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There are so many lovely potato salad recipes. This homestyle potato salad could become a favorite for you, too. It follows classic potato salad style using potatoes with the skins on (but of course you can remove them) and plenty of hard boiled eggs and mayonnaise. That means a potato salad that is rich, filling and delicious.

Potatoes are often forgotten in our cooking, even though we may make them up, some way or other, every day. They are a wonderful vegetable that can be made up in almost any way you can think of, from deep frying to boiling to baking or broiling and more, and pair well with just about everything. Potatoes get used in cakes and breads to provide texture and moisture just like carrots or zucchini. Potatoes are also nutritious, containing loads of vitamin C as well as fiber and other nutritious elements. Eggs are another component to this dish. They are a perfect protein, and we know now that you can eat an egg every day without concern about cholesterol. Eggs are wonderfully filling and provide plenty of energy. They can also be prepared in lots of ways, and taste great whether you eat the whole egg, or just the yolk or white.

Try this potato salad for your next gathering of friends and family. Make it early so it can chill in the fridge for several hours before serving. This dish goes well with any BBQ item, such as chicken, burgers, wings, fish and grilled vegetables. Make it soon and you will soon be making it often. The website offers great photos of this dish, and the instructions are straightforward and easy to follow. Almost any one could make this dish, so perhaps your aspiring cook will try it out. Enjoy!

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