Honey BBQ Wings and Cool Ranch

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This recipe offers a quick and easy way to make both Honey BBQ Wings and Cool Ranch dressing to dip the wings in to. As always, fresh cut veggies seem to really go well with this fast and simple snack or meal. If you want to make it part of a dinner, cook up some potatoes or rice and make up a tart salad of greens or steam some veggies. Then it can become a full dinner. For lunch, of course, the wings are probably enough with a side salad. And, of course, there’s the ever irresistible ranch dressing to dip everything in! Watch quantities because ranch dressing is high in calories and fat. On the other hand, isn’t that precisely why we want to eat it?!

The flavors of honey, piquant and sour BBQ sauce and the smooth and slightly sweet flavor of the ranch dressing represent several of the basic tastes that we can experience, and that some say we need to, in order to feel fully satisfied when we eat. There are five basic flavors including sweet, salty, sour, and bitter and umami. Arguably this recipe for honey BBQ wings and cool ranch dressing contains all of them. Perhaps that is why we feel so good when we enjoy this meal. (Or, maybe it is just all the beer we consume with it! Or may be it’s the friendly company we enjoy when we eat this stuff.)

In any case, this recipe offers easy to follow directions and uses commercial mixes to make this simple and quick to make. Try it whenever you have a crowd coming over, or when the game is on, and you want something for everyone to munch. It is a pretty well balanced meal of good protein, and especially if you add in lots of veggies as a side. Enjoy this dish soon—football season is around the corner and you’ll need to know this recipe cold for the season!

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