Honey Mustard Chicken

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The first time you think about making a dish like Honey Mustard Chicken you might wonder how something that is a bit warm in flavor like mustard can work against something sweet like honey. Be sure to try this recipe out because the taste sensation that comes together when these two flavors meet over chicken are sure to please both you and your entire family. But the flavor has definitely caught on. Today you can buy mustard honey as a compound blend in a single bottle.

This recipe is especially good because it uses two different kinds of mustard. The contrast and complement of the two mustards serves up just the right amount of heat and tang against the honey (and theres lots of it) that smooths out and sweetens the mustard. Another surprise in this recipe is the use of fresh ginger. If that is also a new taste flavor for you, get ready for a taste that packs a lot of spicy heat. Ginger is one of those spices that you can use for dishes you prepare for dinner to dessert and even use in drinks to give a bit of spank and tang to your creations.

Ginger is a root that today can be found in grocery stores pretty much year around. It has traditionally been used in Asian dishes, but did you know that it could also help to prevent seasickness and nausea? It is a well-known remedy for upset stomach including gas. Studies have shown that ginger root may even be effective in reducing morning sickness.

This recipe offers a unique and interesting combination of honey, two mustards, ginger and other hot and sweet spices that will give you a new and original chicken dinner to crow about. Chicken is reasonably priced meat, easy to prepare and delicious served this way. Why not try out this special meal on your family tonight?

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