Honey Walnut Poppy Seed Cake

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This Honey Walnut Poppy Seed Cake recipe is a fabulous and all grown up dessert to make for special occasions for your adult friends and family. Kids might like it, but the amount of work required to put this dish together, not to mention the cost of the ingredients, might have you wanting to be sure that this dessert will be very well appreciated. The kids will be happy with ice cream when you make this special dessert. As well, the flavors of this cake are best served to discerning adults. The heavy flavor of the walnuts and poppy seeds sweetened with as much honey as sugar, along with the liquors that are included, will not likely appeal to young taste buds.

This Honey Walnut Poppy Seed Cake recipe takes time to make as well as to assemble, but the results are well worth the effort. The flavor of the walnuts and poppy seed is nutty, earthy, and really delicious. Complemented by the whipped cream, it is just a to die for dessert. It may be that making the cake will not take as much time if you prepare the ingredients beforehand. For example, you could crush the walnuts the day before (or even several days before) you intend to make the cake and save yourself some work when you finally make the cake. Once made, the fun begins with this cake. Be sure you read through the recipe, and have all the necessary ingredients and parts together before you begin to assemble the cake. That will allow everything to come together smoothly and well.

Make this cake at least once if you are new to this kind of layering and use of liquors and cream. Then make it again . . . and again, for any special occasion, or whenever you feel the need for this fabulous blend of tastes. Enjoy it soon.

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