Hot Chocolate Krispie Treats

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How often have I dreamed of a Hot Chocolate Krispie Treats recipe? Forever and ever, that is how often. When I was a kid, we often had to make the agonizing decision between hot chocolate and rice krispie treats recipe. That is because my mom limited out sweets intake, and so we could have one treat or the other, but not both. As well, both required marshmallows, and with all the kids in our family, even hot chocolate took an entire package to fill all the cups, as did the rice krispie treats recipe. So we always had to choose. And I would say each of the treats won about one half of the time. The decision was always split, and of course, with so many kids, we never agreed. But according to democratic principles, the majority ruled, and sometimes that meant a rice krispie treats recipe and other times it meant forsaking that sweet treat for a hot chocolate recipe. Which, by the way, my mom made from scratch, and served loaded with marshmallows, so I do not think that we really sacrificed or suffered too much as a result of this limitation on our sweets intake.

But here is a surprise for you! This Hot Chocolate Krispie Treats recipe blends the two flavors together. How I wish I were a kid again, so that I could enjoy both of these tastes together. And the gooey, squishy lovely chocolate and marshmallows are fabulous against the tender crunch of rice krispies. Now your kids can have both of these great tastes together without having to make the agonizing decision as to which one they want the most, and without having to try and bribe younger siblings to vote with them on the treat they want the most. This chocolate and krispie treat recipe brings them both together in one, rich, decadent, dish. Serve with caution, though, the amount of sugar is enough to knock you over, and there is nothing (unfortunately) to slow down how quickly that sugar causes a sugar spike in the blood stream. The best thing that you can do is ensure that everyone has had a good dinner before the treats and sweets get served out.

This dish is quite quick and easy to make, and you can serve it warm as the site, Oh Bite It, recommends or serve it cold. We expect that you will have plenty of takers for either temperature for this sweet dish. It is a warm and lovely, fully of chocolate and marshmallow, tender crunch of rice krispies treat that you can enjoy whenever you want. So why not make it up for tonight? Try this dish soon and enjoy!

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