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During the heat of summer, ice cream gets devoured frequently, and this hot fudge sauce recipe can do wonders to jazz up those bowls and turn them into sundaes. Allie, the author of Baking A Moment recipe blog, adores the flavours of a hot fudge sundae better than any other kind of ice cream, which is why she developed this warm chocolate sauce recipe. This sauce involves nine ingredients, which you may already have stashed away. The sauce gets simmered on the stove until real chocolate is melted and the mixture is glossy and thick. The best part about this chocolate recipe is that it can be stored in the refrigerator for lengthy periods and reheated whenever you need some to adorn your ice cream desserts. Make sure you have a jar of this in the fridge all summer for whenever your kids or you require ice cream to cool down.

Although Allie doesn’t specify what kind of chocolate to use, the best chocolate would be something with a deep chocolate taste and limited sweetness like dark chocolate. This is because the sauce has a lot of sweetness added to it in the form of corn syrup and brown sugar. Dark chocolate will also help achieve the dark colour that one thinks of with hot fudge sauce. It also has a lot of flavonoids, making it a healthier chocolate to use compared with milk chocolate or white chocolate. You could use semi-sweet chocolate chips, which is essentially a lightly sweetened dark chocolate, which will add some additional sweetness to the sauce. Although corn syrup isn’t a favourite sweetener of many people, due to the perception it is unhealthy, the secret to the glossy colour of this chocolate sauce recipe is due to the corn syrup. If a more natural liquid sweetener is desired, though, you could substitute with honey, although it will have a more overpowering flavour and won’t be very different regarding the calories.

Chocolate sauce recipes and sundaes go hand in hand; you will rarely find an ice cream restaurant without their own version of a chocolate sundae. Interestingly, sundaes have odd origins in the United States when they emerged during the banning of sales of soda on Sundays. During the late 1800s, the Blue Laws emerged in different states, and one of them forbade the selling of soda on Sunday, which would have gone into ice cream soda recipes of the day. Instead, people started eating ice cream in the form of sundaes. A druggist in Evanston, Illinois may have been one of the first people to start serving ice cream with some kind of syrup, hence the origins of chocolate syrup over scoops of vanilla ice cream.

Although this chocolate sauce recipe will be perfect over ice cream, don’t limit it to ice cream alone. This sauce can be just as easily used in other dessert recipes. Try drizzling it over classic cheesecake or pecan bars. Additionally, you could blend this sauce with milk for chocolate milk for your kids or add to milkshakes. You could even use this sauce as a dip for fresh fruit, like strawberries or pineapple. You could even have a build-your-own sundae bar for kid’s birthday parties with this chocolate sauce featured. Just have bowls of sprinkles, candies and fruit at the ready for everyone to make their own ice cream sundaes. Whatever you decided to do with this hot fudge sauce recipe, it will be sure to become a household favourite. Thank you to Allie, the recipe developer of the Baking A Moment lifestyle blog, for sharing her hot fudge sauce recipe with us.

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