Hot Pizza Dip with Toasted Garlic Baguettes

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Hot Pizza Dip with Toasted Garlic Baguettes will be a smash hit in your family unless you have one that does not like cheese, cheese, and then more cheese (and now add some pizza sauce and some pizza toppings) to dunk crunchy and warm slices of garlic baguettes in to. Yum. What an indulgent recipe. This recipe starts with a great cheese (and more cheese) dip, and then tops the cheese (because just melted and seasoned cheese could not possibly be enough, right?) with all kinds of pizza sauce and pizza toppings that you can enjoy. The whole thing is baked thoroughly to melt all the cheese, and get the pepperoni crisp and crunchy. Then come the baguettes, warm and wonderful, topped with olive, butter, garlic and other yummy things.

One suggestion you might consider for the baguettes is to switch the quantities of the olive oil and butter around. Olive oil, if it is extra virgin olive oil (you know, the kind that Rachel Rae made famous, always calling, “E-V-O-O”) contains more than a dozen anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories. It is probably the most nutritious oil you could use, and for a fat, contains high amounts of the good fats and none of the trans fat or saturated fats found in butter. And if you use five tablespoons of olive oil and two teaspoons of butter (switching the quantities called for in the recipe) you will still have the wonderful butter flavor throughout the bread, but you will also have all the nutritional goodness of olive oil. As for the garlic, after you chop or mince it, let it sit for a minute or two so that the alliinase can oxidize and begin to work its nutritional magic. Heating the garlic too early or putting vinegar or lemon on the garlic interferes with the capacity for alliinase to oxygenate.

This is a great recipe, and one that the family will love to eat on a late night sitting around the television or doing what ever your family does on the weekends when you find time to be together. It is quick, easy and very tasty. Enjoy this dish soon.

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