Hot Potato Salad

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There is really almost nothing you cannot do with potatoes, a wonderfully versatile, nutritious and delicious vegetable. It is good for you, cheap to buy, and low in salt, fat and cholesterol. What is not to like? So try this recipe for Hot Potato Salad, and see, yet again, just how good potatoes really are, and how often you can serve them. They work for every meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner. This recipe includes vinegar and sugar to make a really tangy sauce that goes with the potatoes.

Hot Potato Salad does not seem quite as popular as the traditional summer potato salad, perhaps because the idea of salad and heat is not one we typically put together. And may be, calling a warm dish of potatoes, a salad, is a bit of a misnomer. In any case, potatoes are delicious served cold, warm or hot, and here the blend of seasonings and other ingredients works perfectly to create a lovely side dish for dinner. There are lot of flavors here to tempt your palette, even beyond the sweet and sour of sugar and vinegar. There is also the saltiness of the bacon, and the smooth and earthy flavor that potatoes always contribute. In terms of tastes that appeal to the mouth, this dish hits at least four out of five of them. That includes sweet, sour, salty, and umami (arguably from the potatoes). So this dish will be very satisfying because it titillates so many different tastes in the course of eating the dish.

Hot Potato Salad is a perhaps slight misnamed dish that does not get all the attention it deserves. This recipe should help plenty to change your mind about any ideas of the strangeness of such a combination. It is a fantastic dish, made with the humble potato that always works hard to serve up something delicious. Try this dish soon. You may discover that this recipe becomes one of your go to side dishes for dinner. Enjoy.

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