Hot Spinach Dip Chicken Casserole

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There are many healthy spinach recipes and out of all the healthy spinach recipes out there anyone you find can always be made even healthier. If you love spinach then you are in good

company. It is a dark green leafy vegetable that is high in iron and has many different vitamins. You can eat it raw in salads or it can be boiled, steamed or sautéed. This wonderful leafy green is also a great addition to many easy casserole recipes. Any recipe that calls for veggies can also include spinach into the mix. If you are not a fan of romaine or any other salad then spinach makes a great salad on it’s own or mixed with other leafy green vegetables. It is no wonder why Popeye would get strength from eating spinach. Healthy casserole recipes can start with the addition of spinach and then can be made even healthier with small adjustments here and there.

Your next easy casseroles can be made using spinach or any other leafy green veggie. Most dark green veggies are now being touted as a great thing to eat to help boost your digestive system. If you are a fan of spinach then you will quickly discover there are many great recipes that can include it in the mix. Healthy casserole recipes and easy casseroles are a great way to use your leftovers and are also great ways to eat right while trying to eat healthy. Making any casserole recipe will allow for you to use up that wonderful grilled chicken or barbecued steak you have lying in the fridge. When it comes to making casseroles you will quickly realize that they cannot only be filling but they can be a great way to get your kids and loved ones involved in the preparation of the recipe.

If you have little ones that are not veggie fans then any casserole recipe you find can be a great way for you to include veggies while allowing the kids to choose which cheese or meat will go along with the veggies. If you try to get them involved then the likelihood of them eating the meal rises. Kids and parents cooking together can be both entertaining and bonding. Kids love to get their hands dirty and make a mess and if they work alongside you they might be inspired to begin cooking on their own. Keeping your casserole healthy can be quite the daunting task since most casserole recipes allow for cheese to be added and if you are trying to keep the fat content to a minimum then consider excluding any cheese into the casserole. You can add cottage cheese that has a much lower fat count than most traditional cheeses. There are many ways to keep your food and your recipes healthy all it takes is some due diligence and the time to consider all options. Thanks to Judy of The Midnight baker Blog for this yummy Hot Spinach Dip Chicken Casserole recipe and bon apetit.**

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