How an 8-foot wide cabin can be transformed into a 13-foot wide cabin in just a few moments...

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Here is a tiny house design that shows how an 8-foot wide cabin can be transformed into a 13-foot wide cabin in just a few moments with the help of some bump outs. While there aren't any buttons or magic that makes this happen, all you'll need is a little bit of strength to create more space in this tiny house. It only takes 15 minutes to push out the tiny house and make it larger too which is pretty awesome. Meaning you could go from towing your tiny house in a smaller, more towable size, to parking it and pushing out the sides to make it almost double the size. All of the floors are flush with each other, so it won't create different levels within the home. Many tiny houses with push out rooms have the rooms situated on different levels which kind of splits up the floor plan a bit. That means that regular furniture can be used in these designs and you won't have to rely on built-in furniture for your home. On the outside, the home looks just like any other wood cabins you would see in a village of camping cabins. It even has a nice front porch attached to it at the front. The great thing about this tiny house design is that it's very portable and can easily be towed anywhere.

Inside of the tiny house cabin, there is a loft for storage or sleeping with a removable ladder to get up and down. There's plenty of room for a bed, and there's a nice little living room on the main floor with a kitchen and a bathroom. The bathroom features a 3 foot by 4-foot shower stall with an on-demand propane water heater, a sink with a vanity and regular toilet. The wood cabins and tiny houses from Rich Portable Cabins can be made to go off the grid too if needed with composting toilets and water tanks with solar power. While this would be a great cabin to move around a few times, it's not ideal for regular travel since the pull-outs are not meant to be pushed in and out frequently. The cabin is 13.6 feet high, and 31 feet long in total making it a nice size for a tiny house design with 232 square feet of liveable space. It weighs about 8,900 pounds and can easily be towed because of the dimensions. Rich Portable Cabins constructs all of their wood cabins with 2 by 4 wall construction, and they also install R-13 wall insulation, R-19 floor insulation and R-21 ceiling insulation. They installed laminate flooring on the main level with plywood or laminate in the loft. There are also double pane low energy efficient windows which bring in a lot of natural light and open the home up to surrounding views.

Everything on the interior is crafted out of wood including the beautiful Hickory cabinets and the wall panelling. You can get drywall but at an extra cost. They install a 20 inch RV gas range with a range hood and a medium-sized propane and electric fridge. So you can either run your fridge on propane or electric depending on your situation. The power comes from the 50 amp RV power cord with 120 amp main panel service box or, you can have solar power installed too. An option is to have an all in one laundry unit that washes and dries your clothes to save space and to be more efficient. Check out this and other wood cabins from Rich Portable Cabins and see if you'd enjoy having one for yourself.***

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