How and When to Wash Fruits and Vegetables

Photo Credit: David Suzuki Foundation

It is important to know how and when to wash fruits and vegetables for a lot of different reasons. We love to eat fresh fruit and veggies and to encourage our children to eat them, too, so it is important to know how and when to wash those fruits and veggies.

First, don’t wash fruits and veggies when you are going to pop them in the fridge, whether it’s overnight, for a day or so, or any other period of time. It’s almost a guarantee that the fruit or veggie will rot, especially if it is soft fruit like berries.

Some fruits and veggies are better to soak than scrub. Scrubbing can be hard on soft veggies and fruits. Other types of fruit, like melons, can use a quick soap scrub, using natural soaps.

It is important to not use commercial soaps on your fruits and vegetables. These products are not regulated and you may just be adding more chemicals to the fruits and veggies that you are trying to get clean.

As well, remember that foods are touched, sneezed on, breathed on and otherwise contaminated when they are at the store. Even if they are covered when you buy them, they were open and handled at some point, usually by hand. That means hands—a very big source of contamination and germ spreading—handled your produce. So always clean the outer skins of the produce you eat, even when you remove it or don’t actually eat it, but hold it. For example, eating watermelon requires you to hold the skin, but you could still transfer germs from the rind just as your own hand moves on the melon.

So always wash your fruits and veggies and head to this website for many ways and different products that can make the process easier and healthier for you and your family.

Find out more at the website, David Suzuki Foundation, by following the link below.

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