How Can A Shipping Container Home Cost $65,000? Oh Wait, I Get It Now

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How Can A Shipping Container Home Cost $65,000? Oh Wait, I Get It Now. The tiny home movement is an amazing one in that more and more people around the world are building or buying small homes that they proceed to live in, sometimes for their entire lives. This design for a tiny home starts with a shipping container. Because it is so tiny, rarely reaching two hundred square feet, it can cost as little as this quote for $65,000. So people who live in very expensive regions of the world, such as big cities, are ordering these places and getting approval to put their homes on city lots.

Once the shipping container has windows, doors and an interior put in to it, it looks much more like a trailer or mobile home than it does a shipping container. Of course, some people might not like the metal exterior, but it is good protection against rain and other weather conditions and may even improve cooling in hot summer months. This choice of housing is made for the same reasons that any tiny house is chosen. In expensive cities such as Seattle, Vancouver, Toronto or New York, a $65,000 shipping container home is a real bargain, costing a lot less than the land it sits on. And it can sit on just a small piece of land. After that, the design of the place is up to the builder. And many of these tiny homes are built to be very cost efficient. Of course, given their tiny size, everything will cost less just because of the small space that you are dealing with.

People choose tiny homes in order to be cost effective in owning a home. A tiny home, as this example shows, can cost a fraction of a regular home. Some estimates are that, in the United States, a regular two thousand or so square foot home can cost you more than one million dollars to purchase over a life time. Compare that to the cost of a tiny home, and you can begin to understand the economical advantage of the smaller choice. As well, people choose these homes because they are more sustainable and more ecologically friendly. So these homes simply do not use all the energy, either in summer or winter that a regular sized home would, and lots of people like that idea. Part of that idea includes simply living more frugally, in a way that does not make you a slave to a mortgage. As well, people want to simplify their lives, and that includes a smaller home. Check out the site to see how these shipping container homes can come together for your lifestyle.

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