How often would you use this Weekend Retreat Log Cabin?

Photo Credit: Amish Cabin Company

Wood cabins are very desirable to own and enjoy, like this Weekend Retreat cabin from Amish Cabin Company. How often would you use this Weekend Retreat log cabin? It's easy to imagine yourself driving out to your cabin every weekend or at least every other weekend for a little getaway from your busy life. Maybe you would use it more in the summer time when you have more time off of work and just want to unplug from the online world. It's so important to do this every once in a while to recharge our batteries and get in touch with nature and ourselves. This is one of the small log cabins from Amish Cabin Company that would be so perfect for this type of vacation cabin in the woods, or at the lake. You way want to build a log cabin of your own, but don't know where to begin, and that's where the Amish Cabin Company comes in to help you out. There are so many log cabin building kits available as well, which is a great way to build a log cabin on your own, but if you don't have the time to build your own log cabin, it's best to let the professionals handle it. The company delivers all of their professionally built wood cabins to the site and places them on a foundation, saving you all of the work of building it yourself.

The deluxe options of their cabins offer customers a fully finished cabin that needs no extra work put into it. The Weekend Retreat cabin costs $32,900 for a deluxe version of the 392 square foot edition of the cabin, $37,300 for the 448 model, $41,700 for the 504 square foot model and $46,200 for the 560 square foot option. So as you can see, there are options to choose from depending on your budget. Included in this package is also a loft with a railing and a ladder as well as a window, and a 4 foot wide porch on the corner of the house with a railing. They also include the electrical kit as well as all of the windows and insulation, and a metal roof with a 40 year warranty. All of the wood cabins built for Amish Cabin Company are fully inspected by Kentucky Industrialized Building Systems to meet Kentucky building codes and come with the architectural drawings to be approved in other states and provinces. The company delivers all across the United States as well as in Canada too, as well as on site assembly in states close to Kentucky. Since the wood cabins are built in their 15,00 square foot indoor facility, weather is not a concern and the cabins should be built within the expected timelines. Customers can also alter the plans as needed, and they can choose colours for the exterior stains as well.

These small log cabins provide a great space to use full time as well, and they can be customized to be off grid homes. The company's owners are not Amish, but the wood cabins are built and designed by Amish cabin builders which is why they are called Amish Cabin Company. They have a close relationship with the Amish people who they employ and who build the cabins with high levels of quality and attention to detail.

Some of the Amish craftsmen have over 40 years of carpentry experience and the company highly regards their amazing craftsmanship and work ethic. You can visit their headquarters in Asheville, Kentucky and have a tour of the facilities as well as one of the small log cabins they have built. Enjoy looking at the photos and videos of their builds and be inspired by the quality craftsmanship offered by Amish Cabin Company.***

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