How to avoid bed bugs with new or used furniture

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Most people want to learn how to remove bed bugs from their homes when they have them. But even if you don't have bed bugs in your home, it's very important to learn how to prevent bringing the bugs into your home in the first place. Since the bed bug epidemic is at an all-time high these days, especially in larger cities, it's good to be precautious, so you don't end up with a bed bug infestation. If you've ever had a bed bug infestation, you will remember how difficult the bed bug removal process was. Sometimes it can take months to tackle the problem entirely and to make sure that there are no more bed bugs left. The bed bug epidemic has gotten to such a serious level because of how many people are travelling around the world these days. Also, bed bugs can be transferred from home to home on second-hand furniture and even clothing, and if you shop at thrift stores or garage sales, this is a surefire way to bring bed bugs into your home.

Jennae from Green Your Decor shares some tips for preventing bed bug infestation if you're bringing second-hand pieces of furniture into your home. You don't know exactly where some of this furniture came from when you buy it at a thrift store, so it's hard to determine if it came from a bed bug infested area or not. Even buying furniture directly from someone can be tricky since sometimes they may not know that they have bed bugs or they may not tell you. So as Jennae says it's very important to inspect each and every item you buy secondhand for bed bugs before you bring it into your home. Although, this is just the first step. Sometimes bed bug eggs can be hiding on the piece of furniture ready to hatch and infest your home. So it's best to keep the pieces of furniture outside until you have a chance to clean them really well. If it's an upholstered piece of furniture, it's going to be best to steam clean it or have it professionally cleaned. It's nice to clean your used furniture anyway, and since you spent less money on it, spending some extra money cleaning it shouldn't break the bank.

One item you should probably be cautious of buying secondhand is a bed or mattress. Bed bugs are notorious for hiding in mattresses and box springs, hence why they are named bed bugs. They can hide within the box spring of a bed, not visible to the naked eye and then come out at night to feed on human blood. Your mattress should be something you invest in since you sleep on it every night and it can affect your health and wellbeing. You should also buy items like sheets, blankets and pillows brand new as well since these items can contain a lot of germs and bed bugs too. You can buy affordable new mattresses from places like liquidation furniture stores as well as on sale from different furniture stores. If you have an inkling that you may have bed bugs in your home, you should do a thorough investigation. Look for small, reddish brown bugs the size of an apple seed. Also, look for the eggs of the bugs which are whitish in colour and very small. When you find either of these, squish and kill them right away so that you can start to get control of the bed bug infestation. Then, you can call a company to do a proper bed bug removal process for you.***

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