How to Banish Stains

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Stains are just one of those things that are a part of living life, we don't love getting them, but they happen. So here is a great article on how to Banish Stains! Kids get into everything, but that is just the nature of being a kid, you just want to try everything out. You want to experiment, and live free and uninhibited, not worrying about things like getting stains or wrecking clothes or even your parent's furniture... Sometimes we would get into a lot of trouble as kids, not being allowed to have certain things because they would stain our perfectly good and new clothes, but that can be so hard on kids and doesn't let them just be kids!

So these tips on how to banish stains will help out a lot, especially if you have kids who get into everything because they are just being kids! This could also be helpful for pets too, or just anyone, we all have accidents! From grass stains, to juice stains, and even ketchup and mustard, these tips have us covered for anything that might come our way. And most of them are using natural things that you would most likely have around your home.

Even adults get stains, let's be real here! Who hasn't dropped a glass of wine or even juice onto the carpet and had to scrub endlessly to try and get it out? I know I sure have! There is the perfect solution on this list, using all things that you probably have around your home! I am an artist too, so I often get acrylic paint on things, there is even a solution for that in this awesome list! Be sure to pin this one on a Pintrest board to have it handy! Head over to Good House Keeping by following the link in the section below for more!

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