How to Brew Water Kefir -A Quick Tutorial-

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You can learn How to Brew Water Kefir at home. Kefir is the drink that in the last while has gotten quite popular, with a wide variety of flavors to choose from. Water kefir is a fermented beverage that is teeming with beneficial bacteria and is simple to make at home. Water kefir is quite often more palatable than other probiotic tonics such as kombucha and beet kvass. Water kefir is very similar in flavor to a dry, slightly fizzy lemonade. Water kefir is pleasant tasting and even young kids can enjoy it. It's a great drink for kids as they think it is a treat, just like a fizzy lemonade, the best part is that it's good nourishment for growing bodies. Water kefir, just like kombucha, is first cultured by introducing a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts) into some sugar water. The beneficial bacteria and yeasts present in the water kefir grains metabolize the sugar, and turn it into beneficial acids and infused with beneficial microorganisms, B vitamins along with food enzymes.

Water kefir grains are small, gelatinous, translucent structures that are made up of assorted bacteria to include Lactobacillus hilgardii which is what gives them their characteristic crystal-like appearance. When the drink is properly cared for and regularly cultured, they produce a drink that is probiotic-rich and will continue to grow and reproduce indefinitely. Like most fermented foods, water kefir supports gut health and wellness. The beneficial bacteria that is found in the water kefir grains consume the sugar in the sugar water, and as they metabolize the sugar, they then produce a variety of beneficial acids, food enzymes, B vitamins, and beneficial bacteria. This process of fermentation also reduces the sugar content of the drink.

To make water kefir, you need water kefir grains. Water kefir grains also known as tibicos are a SCOBY; that is a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeasts. Water kefir shouldn't be made with milk kefir grains, which are a whole different composition of beneficial bacteria and yeasts that rely on milk to grow and reproduce. To brew water kefir, all you need is a jar that has a loose-fitting lid or a bit of cheesecloth. You can purchase water kefir grains from the company "Cultures For Health" so you can make real kefir at home. Water kefir grains (WKG) help to create a carbonated Lacto-fermented beverage that you can make from sugar water, fruit juice, or coconut water. Water kefir is very easy to make, and makes an excellent non-dairy alternative to milk kefir and can be flavored to make a range of delicious drinks, or you can use it as an ingredient in many recipes. Thank you to the "Nourished Kitchen" for sharing this simple, healthy recipes idea for how to brew water kefir. This is just one of the healthy eating ideas you will find on the site. This site is all about reviving traditional foods. Topics you will find on the site include getting started, recipes, meal plans and more. *

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