How to build a 12x20 cabin on a budget

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If you want to build a cute little tiny house or cabin on a budget, check out this great tutorial from Instructables. It doesn't cost much to build, and since it's smaller, it's fairly easy to build as well. The cost of materials including the doors and windows ended up being around $2,200. If you buy a prefab tiny house or cabin and have someone build it for you, you could be looking at paying just that much for the labour; then you have to consider the costs of the building itself. People build these tiny buildings for a variety of reasons. Some use them as vacation cabins, others as backyard office spaces and some even live in them as a tiny house. Whenever you're going to build something just be sure to check with your local authorities first to see if you need a permit to build. Usually, buildings of this size won't require a building permit, but it's better to be safe and ask than not have the proper paperwork in place as you're building and possibly get fined.

So if you want to build your own tiny house structure, here's a great guideline you can follow. This particular floor plan is 12 feet by 20 feet which is nice for a simple backyard unit. You could even finish it up and put your gym equipment out in it for a home gym. When you're building a structure like this, you start out with drilling and planting the posts first and then the floor framing. You will want to use a piece of equipment to dig the holes, but it could also be done by hand as well, it would just take longer. Then you plant the posts in the ground which creates the sturdy foundation for the home. Then you create the wall framing, and then the rafters for the roof. Once the roof structure is set in place, you can install the roofing material. This man went with a metal roof which is a great choice for a shed and even a cabin or a home. At this point, you still don't have the walls completely framed up yet, but the roof is finished. Next, you can add on a patio if you'd like, or you could save it until after your tiny house or shed is built. Adding a little patio is great for cabins and houses, but if it's just going to be used as a storage shed, you can also always leave a porch off.

You can see that they didn't insulate this structure, but you could insulate it if you wanted to use it in the colder months. Just use a batt insulation for an economical choice, or a styrofoam insulation works well too. If you don't want it to be insulated, you can also just put up some board and batten siding like they did for this tiny house design which looks really natural. They added in one window and a door to complete the tiny shelter and then it's ready to be used for anything. You can finish the inside of the tiny structure by putting up some drywall or using some wooden tonuge and groove panelling inside to dress it up. A smaller cabin like this would also make for a great temporary home after a natural disaster or a hunting cabin to use seasonally. Have a look through all of the detailed instructions on how to build this wooden shed building on the Instructables website and see if it's a project you'd like to try out some day.***

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