How to build a cedar smokehouse

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If you and your family hunt and enjoy to smoke your own meat, you may want to consider building a diy meat smokehouse. Smoking your own meat gives you the chance to know exactly what's going into your food and to make it in the healthiest way possible. Smoked meat not only tastes good but smoking it actually also acts as a natural preservative too. So instead of having to store all of your meat in the freezer you can smoke it and store it in your kitchen or cellar. The Owner Builder Network shares their great diy ideas with us on how to build your very own smokehouse. They created theirs out of really simple affordable materials and used really basic tools to build it. So whether you have carpentry experience or not, you'll be able to build this diy smokehouse in your yard. You could also find diy kits to buy and make your diy smokehouse even easier. But by making a completely brand new smokehouse from scratch, you can create your own designs for your smokehouse and make any alterations that you need to make, so it fits your property perfectly. Just by following the diy instructions for this diy idea you'll be able to build a great smokehouse with your own two hands.

Building a tiny house or shed like this should be quite easy too since the size is quite manageable. This would be especially easy if you were building it with a friend or family member. It could be a great project to work on with your kids if they are in older and want to help out with do it yourself home projects like this. That's the great thing about do it yourself home projects when you build these diy ideas with your family you are able to spend some time bonding with them and creating something together that will last a lifetime hopefully. It's great practice for kids as well, and it shows them how to work hard for the things they want. So check out the diy plans for this smokehouse and then make any alterations you need to make to it to make it suitable for your land. Then, to save money you can also use recycled materials and local materials. Just look in the classifieds or online buy and sell groups for recycled materials in your area and find some good deals. There could also be auctions for building materials too. So keep your eye out.

You will need cedar wood two by 4s which may be more expensive than other types of wood, but cedar is the best wood for diy projects like this. The cedar wood is least resistant to rot out of any other type of wood, and it's also less likely to attract and become infested by bugs. You can also try using other types of wood if you like, but people usually say that cedar wood is best. You will also need a black stove pipe to allow the smoke out, a stove door, concrete blocks, clay bricks, fire bricks, fire clay, mortar, and all of the materials for your roof and your door. You can see in the photos of the diy smokehouses on The Owner Builder Network that they are really quite small, so you don't need a lot of wood for them which will save you money. You probably won't even need a permit to build your smokehouse, but it's always best to check with your city and see if you'll need a permit to build it. Check out the full instructions on The Owner Builder Network.***

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