How to Build a Farmhouse Bench For Under $20

Photo Credit: Home Depot

Here is a simple, but elegant set of plans that will teach you How to Build a Farmhouse Bench For Under $20. It took this hardworking mom only two afternoons to make it and she did it all for less than twenty bucks. Pretty good. And if you take the time to check it out on the Home Depot website you will see that it is a pretty attractive piece of furniture she sports in her front foyer.

Sometimes we can intimidated by projects such as this DIY farmhouse bench because we think the equipment is too complicated or the instructions are too difficult to follow. That is not the case here. The photos help you at every step of the project, showing how things are cut, glued, and screwed together, sanded, and finished. As well, there is a running commentary that directs you through the project from start to finish. So you can both see and read what is going on at each stage of building this farmhouse bench.

The bench could be used almost anywhere. To use it outside, you will want to finish it with a water resistant stain or paint, but it could look great in a garden, or on a walkway up to your house. If you have a large property, build several, and place them around. For about $100 dollars you could have several and they would draw your eye around your property and bring out really nice features of the property. Try this project out with a friend. It would be easy to build two of them, or get your kids to help you build just one. They can choose the colors (maybe). So try this project and see what you and your friends and family can build.

Find out how to make this recipe and many others at the website, Home Depot, by following the link below.

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