How to Build a Rain Barrel Under $100

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Have you ever found yourself in the position of water, water, everywhere, and not a drop of it to drink? Well, learn how to build a rain barrel under $100 from this website and that may be the last time you ever sing this sad song.

Water can be a real challenge, especially if you live in a remote area or areas where there are increasing droughts, less rain fall or other issues that limit the availability of water. This how-to can help you to do a number of things. For example, capturing rain in a rain barrel can lower your overall water costs and save you a few bucks. It is a great way to teach our kids the importance of fresh water and what a growing challenge the availability of fresh water is becoming in the world.

Although the earth is well over three-quarters under water, making our planet look blue from outer space, less than one percent of that amount is fresh water. Of that tiny bit, much of the water is not accessible or at least the cost to access it, often deep under ground, is too costly. As a result, in some places, the availability of fresh water is a critical issue. Even in North America, particularly in the southwest, claims on ground water, which is the supplier of water to large consumption projects, such as agriculture, can be larger than the supply itself. This challenge, in part, is why places like California often limit individual water use in order to preserve it for crops and other needs.

In any case, you can collect your own water for whatever needs you might have or just to save yourself a bit of money. The water is captured in containers you can buy or possibly collect from businesses and then stored until you need it.

You can use one or more containers in order to store as much water as you might require. Water collected in this way should not be used as drinking water since you cannot be sure what else the rain may have washed in to the barrel. Use this water for plants, possibly to bathe in and other similar uses. As well, be sure that there are no trees over the barrels or that any roof top water is being collected. Roof tops can contain a lot of contaminants.

Find out about this how-to and many others at the website, The Family Handyman, by following the link below.

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