How to Build an Earth Oven For Next To Nothing

Photo Credit: Pull of the Tides

Have you ever tried anything cooked in a wood burning oven? It just seems to have a totally different flavour! You could have one in your very own back yard even, here's How to Build an Earth Oven For Next To Nothing! Sounds pretty good right? Have an Earth oven for next to no cost in your own yard! You could be making people pizzas and calzones whenever they came over. You could do pizza parties and have everyone make their own pizzas with their own favourite toppings and really get everyone involved. People would love a party like this, it would be so much fun!

This Earth oven, is just as it sounds, made out of Earth. It is pretty simple to make and this post tells you how a group of people built their very own in their back yard. In 90 degree weather none the less! First they made a foundation and then they make the cobb built dome where the food goes in, out of clay, sand and straw, hence why it would be called an Earth oven, since it is made literally out of the earth. This is a wonderful economical and Earth friendly way to build ovens, furniture and even houses! Our ancestors used this method and people in other countries still use this method to this day.

The Earth made oven makes for the perfect place to cook, because it has the perfect insulated space to capture all of the heat from the fire and trap it, creating a super hot oven that exceeds the temperature of conventional in home ovens. That's why they have to be outside, or in a well ventilated space, because they get so hot. They use these a lot in Mexico, and in Italy for the Neapolitan pizzas they are so famous for! Head over to 'Pull of the Tides' for this great blog post on wood fire ovens! Click on the link below for more!

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