How To Build The Ultimate Compost Bin

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If you want to start a garden there are many things to consider, maybe even a compost bin. This great tutorial from Backyard Feast will show you How To Build The Ultimate Compost Bin for your backyard garden. Having your own garden is a wonderful way to grow your own produce, and it is a labour of love. A garden is also a great way to get outside in nature and get you hands in the soil. People call gardening garden therapy for a reason, because it is so healing and therapeutic. It really helps to slow down the mind and connect with plants and the Earth. Plus, when you do your work, you will have so many beautiful vegetables, fruits and flowers to enjoy and share with your family and friends. A garden can be as much work as you want it to be. You can start a garden slowly so that you won't be too overwhelmed in the beginning. Starting with a small garden plot that has just enough room to plant a few different lettuces and greens, maybe some tomatoes and potatoes, should be enough to get your started on your gardening endeavours. Plant foods that you know you will use and if you have too many, be sure to give some away to neighbours or friends.

Each year you progress in your gardening skills, you will have a better understanding of how things work and what you might do differently the next year. Things can be different each year, the weather can be different, you could have more rain one year and less the next. So you are always learning as you go along. You can try planting new things in your garden every year and see how the different plants do. It is like a fun experiment you get to try out in your own back yard. Another thing you will definitely want to consider if you are gardening is building a compost bin. A compost bin is a great thing to have in any garden. Your compost bin will be a place where you can throw all of your organic, plant based food waste. The food waste that is thrown in the compost bin will decompose and what you will be left with will be extremely fertile soil that will add so many nutrients to the soil in which you grow your plants. Year after year you will have beautiful compost to add into your garden's soil and to put around your plants to make them really hearty and healthy.

There are compost bins that you can purchase at your local hardware or gardening supply centre, or your can build your own compost bin. Building a compost bin isn't too difficult to do and could be done as a weekend project. The hardest part could be finding a set of plans to go off of. But luckily, the folks at Backyard Feast have found some great plans from the City of Vancouver website. If you are making your compost bin in a city, you also want to be sure that it is safe from pests getting in too, and if you are out in the country, you need to make sure that it is bear proof. The nice part about building a compost bin of your own is that you can use recycled materials. You can even use wooden pallets or skids that you can sometimes find for free from grocery stores or other warehouses. Check around and see what you can find in your area. So check out this awesome tutorial for building the ultimate compost bin from Backyard Feast and get building you very own compost bin.*

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