How to check for and avoid creepy crawly bed bugs

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There seems to be a bed bug epidemic these days which could be caused by more people travelling. While it can be very easy to get bed bugs while you're travelling, there are ways to prevent bringing them home with you. Travelling is when we're most likely to come into contact with bed bugs as they can hide in hotel rooms, hostels and even airports. Bed bugs find their way into your luggage and other belongings while you're staying at a place with a bed bug infestation, or you come into contact with another infested area. Usually, the longer you stay somewhere, the more likely the bed bugs are to hide in your belongings. If you're only staying somewhere for a short period of time, they may not go into your luggage or clothing because they are hiding in their regular hiding spots in the hotel room. Typically, bed bugs will live in mattresses, headboards, night stands, and even in the baseboards. So it's best to check these areas before you even bring your items into the room with you. You first need to know what bed bugs look like so you can identify them and their eggs. Bedbugs start out pretty small and then grow as time goes on. They shed their skins and leave them behind which can also be a clue to help you in identifying bed bugs in a hotel room you're staying in. They are about the size of an apple seed when they are grown and reddish brown in colour. They will be flat if they haven't fed and round if they have. The eggs are also important to look for, and they are silvery white and very tiny.

Leave your bags out in the hallway of the hotel room and start out by searching the headboard which is where many bed bugs will stay. Then, check the sheets and bedding on the bed and then the mattress on all sides and underneath. Check the corners and the seams of the mattress and then move on to check the box spring as well. Once you've checked the bed and frame, check the night stand. Look inside the drawers and under furniture, especially in the creases of upholstery. If you even find one bed bug or any bed bug eggs you should tell the hotel front desk staff right away and get a different room and check it too before you settle in. If that room also has bed bugs you should choose another hotel to stay at. Before you go on your vacation while you're booking your hotel for your trip, you can also check online and research if the place has ever had bed bugs through the reviews. You can also ask the hotel staff who should tell you if they have.

If you happen to find bed bugs after you've been staying somewhere for a few days, you can treat your luggage and contents when you get home. Do this by sealing up your luggage and contents in a plastic bag and then leave them in your garage until you can properly treat everything. Heat kills bedbugs, and so does extreme cold. So you can wash all of your clothing in hot water and dry it on the hottest setting on your dryer to kill the bugs and the eggs. It's just as important to kill the eggs when it comes to bed bug removal because they can hatch, mature and procreate very quickly. Any items that can't be washed you can steam with a clothing steamer to kill the bugs. For more bed bug removal tips check out Howdini on YouTube.***

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